Yo, comedian Michael Jr here. Thanks for wanting to connect; or should I say, thanks for signing up to get a bunch of e-mails... On the real, I'm gonna share some stuff that will probably make you laugh and for sure make you think, and get you on the inside track to what I've got coming up.


Being A Dad

Comedian Michael Jr. talks about why his comedy is about family and the importance of “Comedy Accountability” when it comes to his kids.

Laughter Is Hope

Laughter is the tangible evidence of Hope.


Life of Laughs

Comedian Michael Jr. decided to try his luck in New York City and found success. But he also found that it gave him a […]

Be The Punchline


I’d like to explain to you how Life works, at least from a comedian’s perspective. First there’s a setup and then there’s a punchline. […]

Pull The Trigger

Stand-up comedian Michael Jr. talks about the importance of giving and takes it to the streets asking them questions. In Orange County, CA Michael […]

A Mother’s Moment

Stand-up comedian Michael Jr. gives a shout out to moms this week. Featuring guest Anita Renfroe with a fantastic musical number. Will you go […]

What Don’t I Understand?

Stand-up comedian Michael Jr. talks about the importance of listening to others in order to discover something new about them. Featuring guest-comedian Jeff Allen […]

Asking Vegas About Marriage

Stand-up comedian Michael Jr. takes you to the streets of Vegas to ask strangers about their thoughts on marriage. Marriage is not about falling […]

Serve Your Server

Stand-up Comedian Michael Jr. talks about the comedy gold mine that is restaurants. Featuring Tim Hawkins who is Hilarious… watching people makes for great […]

Random Thoughts

Stand-up comedian Michael Jr. explains his random thoughts… which is a glimpse into where he pulls his comedy. Not only does Michael talk about […]