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Terms & Conditions

For good and valuable consideration, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, I authorize Michael Jr Productions, Inc. (the, “Producer”) and its parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, licensees, successors and assigns to make use of my appearance for the programs tentatively entitled: “Michael Jr Video and Audio Clips” (collectively, “Program”) and in connection with Producer or otherwise.

I agree that Producer may film and photograph me, and record my voice, conversation and sounds, including any performance of any musical composition(s), during and in connection with my appearance and that Producer shall be the exclusive owner of the results and proceeds of such filming, photography and recording with the right, throughout the world, an unlimited number of times in perpetuity, to copyright, to use and to license others to use, in any manner, all or any portion thereof or a reproduction thereof in and in connection with the Program or otherwise. For purposes of clarity, I expressly waive any and all moral rights I may have in connection with my appearance. I further agree that Producer may use and license others to use my name, voice, likeness and any biographical material concerning me that I may provide, in the promotion, advertising, sale, publicizing and exploitation of the Program and/or otherwise, including without limitation ancillary products (e.g., merchandise) in connection with the Program and in connection with Producer, throughout the world in all media whatsoever, including, without limitation, any social networking site; micro-blogging service; user-generated or user-uploaded content website; online forum, discussion thread or comment section; personal website or blog; user modified website (“wiki”); or any other website, service, platform, program, application or other form or method of communication, whether now known or hereafter devised, an unlimited number of times in perpetuity. I further represent that any statements made by me during my appearance are true, to the best of my knowledge, and that neither they nor my appearance will violate or infringe upon the rights of any third party. I hereby waive any right of inspection or approval of my appearance or the uses to which such appearance may be put. I also hereby waive any right I may have to seek injunctive and/or any other equitable relief in connection with Producer’s exercise of the rights granted hereunder. I acknowledge that Producer will rely on this permission potentially, at substantial cost to Producer and hereby agree not to assert any claim of any nature whatsoever against anyone relating to the exercise of the permissions granted hereunder.

I acknowledge that I may be provided with knowledge and/or information (or access to knowledge and/or information) that is of a secret, confidential, or proprietary nature, including but not limited to all information regarding the Program, including, without limitation, information relating to the existence of the Program prior to public disclosure thereof by Producer, the premise and title of the Program, the names of individuals associated with the Program, and other elements relating to production of the Program (together "Confidential Information"). I agree in perpetuity not to disclose any Confidential Information to any person or entity or make any use of any Confidential Information. This paragraph shall not apply to information that becomes generally known to the public through no fault of mine, or that I am required to disclose by law pursuant to a proper protective order approved by Producer

I understand and acknowledge that my confidentiality obligations and publicity restrictions hereunder shall apply to any and all media whatsoever including the above mentioned, without limitation, in perpetuity. I acknowledge and agree that any disclosure of such Confidential Information by myself or any related party in violation of this Agreement shall constitute a material breach of this Agreement and shall cause Producer irreparable injury. I further agree that in the event of any disclosure by myself or any related party in violation of this Agreement, Producer shall have the right to seek, among other things, (a) injunctive relief, without posting any bond, to prevent and/or cure any breach or threatened breach of this Agreement by me or any related party, (b) recovery or disgorgement of the monies or other consideration received in connection with such disclosure, if any, and (c) recovery of Producer's attorneys' fees incurred to enforce this Agreement.