Comedian Michael Jr. Live in Valparaiso, IN

 Known as the comedian who is more than funny, Michael Jr. brings laughter to audiences all over the world. Often  keynote at Fortune 500 companies, his versatility has landed him on Tedx Talks, Oprah and The Tonight Show on NBC. Get ready for a night of laughs for the whole family and be inspired to more!

Tickets are on sale NOW for the comedy show on September 8th at 5PM.


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3 Ways to Life Fulfillment

When I first started in comedy, it was all about me. It was all about getting—laughs, praise, and personal fulfillment.

But one evening before a comedy show, I experienced a BIG SHIFT when I thought....

What if the question isn’t what can I GET, but what can I GIVE?

When I made this adjustment, I was blown away by the impact it has made in my life for the better.

At my live stand-up comedy shows, I actually have the opportunity to explain to the audience this game-changing tweak that I made, and if you do these 3 things, it will bring more fulfillment and joy to any circumstance

We’ve been following Michael Jr. for years and he’s always been funny, but I didn’t expect to be inspired. It makes me like it even more.
— Comedy Show Attendee

Comedian Michael Jr. and his team break down the unplanned funny that happens on stage at his live comedy shows. Tune in to a new episode every Tuesday to see what happens as they get to know the folks between the jokes.