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I want to take you on a journey from "Ha ha" to "Ah Ha."

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Andy Stanley on Michael Jr.

“At first glance, some might take Michael for a funny guy who can make light of any situation. While he is that — and you will find no lack of humor in these pages — he’s also so much more. Michael spreads joy everywhere he goes. Along with that joy is a message of deep faith in the Father who loves us unconditionally. In a time when we need hope and humor more than anything, Michael delivers both in droves.”

— Andy Stanley

Author, communicator, and founder of North Point Ministries

John Maxwell on Michael Jr.

“Michael’s stories, accumulated throughout his own unusual journey, reveal important truths you and I can absorb and apply to make our lives better, and to improve the lives of everyone around us. And of course, you’ll find yourself laughing out loud as you read.”

— John Maxwell

Leadership Expert & Author

Craig Groeschel on Michael Jr.

“Michael Jr. is exceptionally gifted at combining funny stories and spiritual principles. He will have you laughing and crying on the same page. If you are looking for spiritual inspiration or have a strong desire to make a difference, Funny How Life Works is the book for you.”

— Craig Groeschel

Pastor of Life.Church & New York Times Best Selling Author

Terry Crews on Michael Jr.

“Michael Jr. is one of the funniest dudes I know.”

— Terry Crews


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"You are so good at what you do! So refreshing to listen to comedy that also makes a positive statement. Keep up the amazing stuff!"

"Just watching and hearing Michael Jr., makes me feel hopeful."

"Michael Jr., you are funny, inspirational and awesome. I fought back tears about the family that needed the new vehicle."

"I love you Michael Jr. you make me laugh and ponder life in such a good way!"


Funny How Marriage Works Michael Jr.
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Make discovering the freedom
to walk in God’s purpose
for your marriage, FUN

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Michael Jr.
Michael Jr.

Funny for the Forgotten >org

Funny For the Forgotten is a non-profit organization that takes comedy shows to places like homeless shelters, prisons, abused children facilities, or any place where laughter is in short supply — yet highly needed.

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Funny For the Forgotten Michael Jr.

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